Club Rules

The Golf Club Committee

The Golf Club is administered by a Committee appointed by the School consisting of the Commercial Director, Grounds Manager, Master in Charge of Golf, representative of the Old Carthusian Golf Society (OCGS), and a member of the Governing Body.

There is a separate Match, Competition and Handicap Committee which arranges matches and competitions during School holidays and administers the Club’s own internal handicap system.

The Etiquette of Golf must be observed at all times.

Each player must be properly dressed and have a bag of golf clubs. (A bag should not be shared)

Only wide-wheeled trolleys are allowed on the course.


There will be the following classes of membership:

There will be the following classes of membership:

1. Charterhouse pupils
2. Charterhouse/Charterhouse Club Employees
3. Retired Charterhouse/Charterhouse Club employees
4. Charterhouse Family members, being the spouse or dependant of an employee or retired employee,
5. Partner living under the same roof as the employee or retired employee
6. Old Carthusian Golf Society (OCGS) Members
7. Friends of Charterhouse being persons closely associated with, and supporters of, the School
8. Honorary Members as determined by the Golf Club Committee
9. Junior Member Aged 12 to 17 years inclusive

Subscriptions and Fees:

1. Joining fees, annual subscriptions and green fees will be as set out in the schedule which forms part of this document. Joining fees and annual subscriptions are not refundable.
2. Annual subscriptions run from 1st August to 31st July.
3. A Member whose subscription lapses but who wishes to re-join the Club at a later date will be required to pay a new Joining Fee.

Guest and Green Fees:

1. Each Member may invite up to 3 guests at any one time.
2. Members must play with their guests.
3. Members are responsible for their guests at all times whilst on the course.
4. A pink “Green Fee Voucher” MUST be purchased per player per day for each guest in advance of playing the round. These must be purchased from the Charterhouse Club Reception.
5. The name of the guest MUST be submitted at the Charterhouse Club Reception at the time of purchase.
6. Both halves of the “Green Fee Voucher” must be completed and the relevant half deposited in the “Green Fee” box in the Starter’s Hut prior to commencing the round.
7. The playing Guest must retain the Counterfoil half on their person at all times whilst on the course.
8. All Members, when playing with guests, must enter their names and the names of their guests, together with the serial numbers of the relevant Green Fee vouchers, in the Playing Register in the hut by the First Tee prior to commencing the round.
9. Where the guest is a member of a pupil’s family playing during term-time with the pupil concerned, that guest may play free of charge.

Bag Tags:

1 . All Members will be issued with an official Charterhouse Golf Club bag tag which must be clearly displayed on their golf bags at all times when on the golf course.

Bag tags will be in the following colours:

Charterhouse Pupils – term-time : Yellow
Charterhouse Pupils – school holidays : Blue
Other Members : Red

2. Dated Discs must be valid for the current golf year and displayed on the centre of the Bag Tag at all times.
3. Discs will be issued when membership is renewed.

Times of Play

1. The Course will open from 7.00am and close at dusk daily
2. Strictly no play before 7.00am
3. Strictly no play after dusk and no night play under any circumstances
4. During Charterhouse term-time the Course will be “Closed” to Members (Membership categories 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9) from 2:00pm to 6.00pm weekdays: the course must be vacated by 2.00pm and no play may commence before 6:00pm. Charterhouse/Charterhouse Club staff (Membership Category 2) wishing to play during these hours may do so but may not invite guests or other members to play at these times:
5. Members are welcome to use the course at all other times on any day of the year when the golf course is not in use for authorised School use, or reserved for Club competitions or other events approved by the Golf Club Committee.
6. Members should be aware that in the evenings and at weekends, pupils may well be on the course too. In this context, pupils have been instructed to play in a minimum of pairs or small groups (maximum four-ball). Members are asked not to approach pupils with a view to playing golf together, or to accept any approaches from them, for example to make up a four-ball
7. Charterhouse pupils will have priority on the Course over all other players during School Term-Time.

All Members and guests MUST sign in and out in the Playing Register provided in the Starter’s Hut whenever arriving at and leaving the Course


1. All members of Charterhouse staff have a duty of care to protect the welfare of the pupils and as such, have the right to (and are expected to) challenge any individual anywhere on the Campus. The Campus is also protected by 24 hour uniformed Security Team.

2. Where requested to do so by any member of Charterhouse Grounds staff, Security Team or any other member of Charterhouse or Charterhouse Club staff, Members should identify themselves and assist by producing their Bag Tag and (where appropriate) any guests’ Green Fee counterfoils.

3. In the event that an individual fails to comply with this request or to identify themselves appropriately, they may be asked to leave the course.

Rules of Golf and Etiquette:

1. The rules of Golf, as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, will apply at all times.
2. The Etiquette of Golf must be observed at all times.
3. Each player must be properly dressed. No vests or bare chests.
4. All players must have their own clubs and bag sharing is not permitted – where a temporary exception is required, prior permission must first be sought through the Golf Club Honorary Secretary.
5. Only wide-wheeled trolleys are allowed on the course.
6. Golf Carts and Buggies are not allowed on the Course without prior approval.
7. Pitch marks must be repaired before moving on to the next shot.
8. Divots must be replaced before moving on to the next shot.
9. Marks in bunkers must be smoothed over before moving on to the next shot, leaving the entire rake in the bunker
10. Strictly no practice shots on tees
11. The use of any club other than a putter is prohibited on the greens
12. No trolleys or bags on greens tees and aprons
13. Charterhouse students have priority on the course
14. Do not play your shot if other players or staff are within range
15. All players are advised to be adequately insured against both 3rd party and personal injury.

Closure of the Course:

The Head Groundsman or the Greenkeeper may close the golf course due to frost, snow or other unfavourable weather conditions.

Artisan membership:

Our Artisan members have a special responsibility for ensuring that only Members and their guests play on the Course, and that green fees are paid. Each is issued a Charterhouse Golf Club identity card and if asked, Members should identify themselves to them, and assist them by producing their guests’ green fee counterfoils when requested. If you are interested in becoming an Artisan member and undertaking certain duties in return for a reduced fee please contact the Hon. Secretary.

Vehicular Access to the Course

Members and their guests approaching the golf course from Hurtmore Road must do so via Queen’s Drive and depart by the same route. Cars should be parked either at the Ben Travers Theatre car park or in the car park areas along the approach road to the Charterhouse Club before reaching the wall. Please do NOT park adjacent to the Charterhouse Club as this area is intended for those who are using the facilities of the Charterhouse Club itself.

There is No Access to the Course via Northway and vehicles must not park on this road.

breach of Terms and conditions

We may terminate your Charterhouse Golf Club Membership and/or may refuse you entry onto the Course, or eject you from the Club, if you commit a serious or repeated breach of these Rules, or if you engage in any other serious misconduct.


Queries concerning these Rules should be addressed to:

Mr T Ostle
The Honorary Secretary
Charterhouse Golf Club